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In the early 70’s with the Arts and Crafts craze hitting full force . . . Carter County Extension Homemakers held several craft workshops and also a Show & Tell Workshop. People expressed an interest in buying arts and crafts.

The home economist at that time, Mrs. Clara Kelley, suggested the Homemakers sponsor an Arts and Crafts Festival and Sale. The first Festival was held November 1972 at Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma and Nita Martin was the chairman. That first show had only 23 booths but it was an immediate hit. It gave local craftsmen and artists a place to show and sell their handiwork and it gave people in the community a chance to buy hand crafted goods.

After that first small show in 1972, interest grew and in 1976, the fifth annual show, all three rooms of the Hardy Murphy Coliseum were filled with 136 booths being rented and a long waiting list of people wanting to have a booth.

In the 1985, the 14th year, the demand for booth space was so great that the arena area of Murphy Coliseum was opened and was filled with over 75 more booths. Read more


Triangle Booth